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The Beauty of Bees

 It's amazing all the products that are produced from honey. Probably even more amazing is the quality of those products all because of the unique characteristics of natural honey.

Located just west of Shipshewana, IN is an Amish beekeeper, Perry Jr. Bontrager who not only gathers honey

but makes and sells many different products in his small country store named "B" Honey.

beeswax candles  Perry Jr. has been beekeeping since 1986  and in addition to selling pure honey and honeycomb, he also provides a complete line of beekeeping supplies to those who are brave enough to attempt the trade on their own.

Happyflame beeswax candle Harvested from local hives, the pure honey is rich and tasty whether you use it on baked goods, melted in teas, or drizzled into smoothies. It adds great flavor to BBQ sauces and honey mustard dressings. They also have flavored creamed honey and honey in the comb. Honey in the comb is one of the most beautiful products in apiculture. Each cell is delicately capped with a thin layer of wax after the honey has ripened, making it a delicious treat. Research has shown honey is an excellent energy source and aids athletic endurance.

  Beeswax, being so much more than just a by product is used make a variety of skincare products and candles. B Honey makes cold-processed soaps and have scents ranging from floral accents like Hawaiian Flowers to soaps that smell good enough to eat, like Apple Cinnamon. They also make lip balms, hand lotions, and candles. The beeswax candles burn longer, cleaner and brighter. They are excellent for people who cannot have scented candles. They sell soy candles and bulk beeswax.

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